Points and Benefits FAQs

Lucky Star Rewards

Do I still have my points on my account?

Yes. No Reward Points were expired during the closure. Any points you had on your account as of March 17 will still be there when you return.

What about Status Points (tier points)?
How are you going to handle that?
I have less time to earn my status for next year since you’ve been closed.

In light of the fact that we will have been closed for close to one quarter of the year, we have decided to reduce the number of status points required to reach each tier by one half! This means you will only need to earn half the amount of status points to reach each tier than previously.

Will we still be able to get 50 percent off dining when paying with our points?

Yes. Lucky Star Rewards benefits will continue upon re-opening. This includes 3x points every day and 50 percent off dining, along with any tier-based benefits like complimentary hotel rooms and $20 daily food vouchers. 

Any third-party benefit, like Great Wolf Lodge or Spa services for Gold Star guests will be subject to availability and any restrictions imposed by Great Wolf Lodge.


I missed my birthday offer because you were closed during my birthday. What’s going to happen with that?

Lucky Star Rewards can look up your account and verify that you missed a birthday offer in March, April or May. Once confirmed in the system, Lucky Star Rewards will be able to extend the offer.