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If you like Lotto, you’ll love playing Keno live

Keno is back and better than ever!

To play visit one of the brand new kiosks located next to the Lucky Star Rewards Center.

With the new kiosks you can choose to play traditional Keno as well as Keno with a twist. The minimum bet is 1.00 with a maximum bet of 999.00. Winning tickets can be replayed at the kiosk or cashed out at the LSRC.

Another unique feature of our new Keno system is the opportunity to play your numbers on future games. Keno games reset at 999 games. If you are currently playing on game #68, you can play any game between 68 and 999.

Keno Games

The games offered on the kiosk are as follows:

Exacta Keno

Exacta Keno is a play on Horse racing. Make your favorite bet then bet on the odds of the same result happening two times in a row. Top prize is 50,000.00

Golden Keno Ball

Make your favorite bet, then place a bet on which number you believe will be the last number drawn for big payouts. Top prize is 50,000.00

Multiplier Keno

Double your standard wager for a chance to win up to 5X your win. Top prize is 50,000.00

Penny Keno

Penny Keno is a game of patterns. Bet on ball draws to create letter patterns on your Keno card. Top prize is 50,000.00

1.50 Special Keno

1.50 Special Keno-This game offers standard Keno payouts for a 2.00 bet, but you only bet 1.50. Top prize is 50,000.00

Speed Keno

20spot-The name says it all. You bet on 20 spots with a top prize of $25,000.00


Bet on the top and bottom of the Keno board. Bet that you will guess 6 of 6 numbers on the top of the board or bet that you will get 0 of 6 on the bottom board below. Top prize is 25,000.00.

Standard Keno

Bet on your favorite Keno numbers. Top prize is 50,000.00


Did you know? The odds against catching all 6 numbers in the Lottery is over 60 times greater than catching 8 out of 8 playing Keno!