Earn them each time you use your Star Card!

What are Status Points?

Status Points are solely used to determine Star status

(Rising Star, Shining Star, Silver Star or Gold Star).

Status Points are not affected by daily point multipliers and may not be transferred, converted or redeemed.

Earn Status Points

Every $1 bet = 1 Status Point except at select games including Blackjack, Spanish Poker andPai Gow where every

$2 bet* = 1 Status Point *Subject to change.

Earning period

Status Points accumulate during a 12-month earning period (Jan. 1 – Dec. 31). Status Points reset January 1 each year.

How long do I receive my Star status benefits?

Upon reaching a higher Star status, benefits begin immediately. Those benefits carry through the next annual earning period or until a higher Star status is achieved.

What are Reward Points?

Reward Points are earned with your Star status’ daily point multiplier and can be redeemed for other benefits such as discounted dining or cash.


Reward Points expire after 365 days. Reward Points do not count toward Star status.