Your frequently asked questions, answered!

  • Membership is free. You must be at least 18 years of age to join.
  • Valid photo ID is required to join the program and receive any Lucky Star Rewards benefits. (Driver’s license, state identification card, tribal enrollment card or military identification card. If player is not a U.S. Citizen, a current passport or alien registration card is required.)
  • The benefits of the program are solely intended for the use of the person listed on the account. Points and benefits are non-transferable.
  • Star Cards may be used to track play and accumulate points by account member only.
  • Lucky Eagle Casino & Hotel is not responsible for lost or stolen Star Cards, including any resulting misuse.
  • Reward Points are earned and can be redeemed at Lucky Eagle Casino & Hotel and other locations as specified. Unused Reward Points will expire after 365 days.
  • Play of rewards does not earn points.
  • All point earnings are subject to review and verification. All redemptions are final unless otherwise allowed at the sole discretion of Lucky Eagle Casino & Hotel.
  • Status Points determine the Star status for each player (Rising, Shining, Silver or Gold). Status Points are earned and accumulate annually from Jan. 1 through Dec. 31. Status Points have no cash value and are non-transferable and non-negotiable.
  • It is the responsibility of the player to ensure their Star Card is inserted properly in the machine when playing slots, and to ensure a supervisor is aware of play when playing tables or keno.
  • Lucky Eagle Casino & Hotel is not responsible for slot system malfunctions that can result in lost ratings and Status Points. Lucky Eagle Casino & Hotel Management reserves the right to adjust account points due to computer error, machine malfunction, operator error, fraud or other misuse of the Star Card.
  • Lucky Eagle Casino & Hotel uses reasonable efforts to track a player’s average bet, length of play and game type; however, as a condition of receiving rating for table games play, or other non-slot games, players agree that such ratings are granted based on the personal observation of Lucky Eagle Casino & Hotel team members, which are subject to error.
  • Void where prohibited or restricted by Washington State and/or Tribal Gaming Law.
  • All decisions regarding the interpretation of rules, eligibility, etc. for this program lie solely with Lucky Eagle Casino & Hotel whose decisions are final.
  • Lucky Eagle Casino & Hotel reserves the right to modify or cancel this program at any time, for any reason subject to any applicable regulatory and tribal gaming approval, provided that the modification does not alter or change any participants Point(s) already earned or redeemed.
  • Star Cards are non-transferable, the property of Lucky Eagle Casino & Hotel and the Chehalis Tribe and must be returned upon request.
  • Lucky Eagle Casino & Hotel reserves the right to revoke or deny membership if the individual has not complied with the program in any manner inclusive of the rules and misuse of the Star Card or its rewards. Individuals who are excluded from casino facilities, including through a government program, by their own request or those excluded at the sole discretion of Lucky Eagle Casino & Hotel are not eligible.
  • Lucky Eagle Casino & Hotel reserves the right to require a certain level of play to be maintained in order to continue receiving certain benefits.
  • By participating in this program participants agree to these rules and regulations.

Q) How will my Star status be determined?

A) Your Status Points total will determine your Star status (Rising Star, Shining Star, Silver Star or Gold Star). If you are signing up for the first time or returning after not playing in the last year, you will begin Lucky Star Rewards as a Rising Star.

Q) When can I pick up my new Star Card?

A) Star Cards are available at the Lucky Star Rewards Center during regular hours of operations (Weekdays: Mon – Thu 8AM – 4AM | Weekends 8AM Fri – 4AM Mon). For annual renewal, your new year’s card will be available after 9AM on January 3rd. While Star Cards with expired dates may continue to work in slot machines for a while, new cards with valid expiration dates on them are required to redeem benefits at restaurants and other locations.

Q) Are there requirements to receive 50% off dining?

A) Your restaurant cashier will determine what the price of your meal will be with 50% off. In order to receive the discount, you must have enough Reward Points to cover the entire discounted price, and pay exclusively with those Reward Points. Please note: Reward Points may not be used to cover alcohol or gratuity.

Q) How do I get Free Play and other offers mailed to me?

A) Free Play is mailed out monthly based on play while using your Star Card. Other offers are sent out on a case-by-case basis. Those offers are generally sent to Star Players who qualify for the offer through their play while using their Star Card. Please ensure your card is correctly inserted into the slot machine (green light on card reader) at all times while playing to receive the highest possible rewards. Please also make sure you have a current up to date address on file by checking with a Rewards Representative.

Q) What can I do if my Personal Identification Number (PIN) isn’t working?

A) Your PIN can be reset at any time by visiting the Lucky Star Rewards Center and presenting valid photo ID. Recurring PINs are not permitted. Effective December 3, 2019, any PIN that has not been reset within the last 365 days will reset automatically. This is reset is in accordance with good practices to protect the benefits of our members and will be our practice moving forward. We encourage our guests to protect their PINs and reset them more often than the 365 day cycle. Please note: all benefits and rewards are non-transferable, sharing your PIN or attempting to access rewards/benefits from any account other than your own is not permitted.