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We're pleased to announce we've extended our Table Games hours!

Sun - Thu: 10AM - 2AM
Fri & Sat: 10AM - 4AM
and Craps will be open 7 days per week!

Please note, which games are open at any given time will vary.

Play popular favorites like Blackjack, Craps, Roulette, Spanish 21 and more!

If you’re interested in trying a new game, but not sure where to start, our friendly dealers are always happy to help introduce new players to the rules of a game.

Please note: all hours, progressive prizes, and min/max bets are subject to change without notice.

Progressive Table Games

Ultimate Texas Hold'em ®

In this exciting game, where you play heads-up against the dealer.
This game gives you several advantages:

  • The earlier you bet, the more you can bet.
  • You don’t have to fold until you see all the community cards.
  • Min Bet $5
  • Max Bet $100 on "Ante"

The current progressive jackpot available for this game is $148,221.84

The Trips bonus pays odds if your final five-card hand is a three-of-a-kind or better.

Play Blackjack and Other Casino Card Games


Blackjack (also called 21) is one of the most popular casino card games in the world.

  • Six Deck
  • Min Bet $5
  • Max Bet $500

Fortune Pai Gow Poker

 In addition to head-to-head play against the dealer, this variant also features optional Fortune Bonus, Dealer Bonus, and jackpot wagers.

  • Min Bet $5
  • Max Bet $500

The current jackpot available for this game is $10,000.00

Tri Lux

Tri Lux adds 3-card Poker to the base game of Blackjack (Six deck).

  • Min Bet $1
  • Max Bet $100
  • Times offered are listed above under "Blackjack"

Spanish 21

This fun card game is played on a blackjack table with a custom layout. One of the fun twists to Spanish 21 is that small cards are more valuable than in traditional blackjack because there are bonuses for five, six, and seven card 21s.

  • Min Bet $5
  • Max Bet $500
  • Up down card Min $1
  • Up down card Max $100

I Luv Suits

I Luv Suits is a suits based game where the objective is to obtain multiple cards in the same suit (Flush). It’s simple to learn, fun to play and includes multiple opportunities to win.

  • Open Friday and Saturday
  • Min Bet $5
  • Max Bet $100 on "Ante"

Play Craps

Craps is arguably the most exciting and social game in the casino. At its core, Craps is a simple game in which you bet on the outcome of the roll, or series of rolls, of the dice. But when those dice are flying, and the shooters got a hot hand, there’s nothing quite as thrilling. Don’t be intimidated. Craps is not as complicated as you might think and you can learn and start playing in just minutes. Head to the pit and try it today. Our friendly dealers will help you out.

  • Min Bet $5
  • Max Bet $500
  • True 5x odds on all numbers
  • Now available: DICE-OLOGY - Dice-ology adds three new side bets that can win big based on the numbers rolled. There are no changes to the base game of Craps. Players may make any additional side bets after a 7 rolls and only on the come out roll. Ask your dealer for details.

Play Roulette

Roulette is one of the oldest and most beloved casino games in the world. Pick your lucky number or bet black, red, odd, even, or any number of other specialty bets – and depending on where the ball stops, you could win a large payout.
There are 38 numbers on roulette wheel: 0, 00 and 1-36. 0 and 00 are green, and 1-36 alternate between red and black.

  • Open at 4PM*
  • Min Bet $5
  • Max Bet $500


* Please note, while we do everything we can to maintain these hours for our table games, all hours are subject to change without notice.