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Invitations and Offers FAQs

Star Mail

What about gift giveaways? I was only able to collect a couple of the gifts in March.

We are tentatively targeting August for the return of the Tuesday gift giveaway promotion. We do have a plan to complete the March gift giveaway collection but it will not happen until occupancy restrictions are eased. Those guests who qualified for the March gift giveaway will be sent a postcard notifying them of the new pick-up dates.


I had free play offers I wasn’t able to redeem in March because you closed. How will you make that up to me?

We plan on offering bonus free play offers to guests who missed out on March free play offers. This will not be done until our direct mail program resumes and occupancy restrictions are lifted. We will mail these bonus offers to guests once it is time to do so.


What about the hotel offers I used to get in the mail? Will you be doing that again?

Yes, hotel offers will resume in conjunction with our free play direct mail program. This will coincide with our gradual return to normal marketing programming.


Will there be any marketing offers or programming when you re-open?

Upon re-opening, we will still be making an effort to reduce the number of visitors to the reservation. This is in support of the Chehalis Tribe’s goal of slowly returning to normal operations in a phased approach. Because of this, we will not be scheduling any marketing promotions or offers for our guests in the first 30 days of our opening. We hope to re-introduce offers and promotions as soon as occupancy restrictions ease.