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FAQs / Rules

Q) What are Status Points, and why do I lose them Jan. 1 and Jul. 1 each year?

A) Status Points accumulate during a 6-month calendar year, Jan. 1 – Jun. 30 and Jul. 1 – Dec. 31. This is the measurement that triggers your role of the club status for current and the next calendar year. Earning these status points auto trigger allowing you to rise to the next tier: Launch, Ascend, Soar and SoarGold. As you reach the next tier, benefits increase. Status points are earned based on $1 Coin in = 1 Status point.

Q) What are Points?

A) Points are earned automatically as you game while using your Players Club card. 1,000 points = $1. Points can be used for food in any of our fine food outlets, gift shop purchases, hotel rooms, concert tickets, Free Play and more! Monthly multiplier days are added to the calendars in order to help build points at 6x, 10x or 12x based on your tier level.

Q) What are Benefits?

A) Benefits are an amenity a Players Club member receives based on your tier level. Drawing entry multipliers, multiplier days, discounts for concerts and gift shop purchases, points for gas and discounts in restaurants are a few of the examples of club benefits.

Q) How Do I get Free Play offers mailed to me?

A) Free Play is mailed out monthly based on play for guests who use your Players Club card. Make sure you have a current up to date address on file by checking with a Players Club Representative, and if you change addresses make certain that you notify the US Postal Service. They can only forward mail for a short period of time.

Q) How do I get Gift Offers/special invites to Events?

A) Special invites offering free gifts are based on play. ALWAYS remember to use your Lucky Eagle Players Club Card anytime you are gaming.

Q) What is a Comp and how do I get one?

A) Comps are authorized by Casino Hosts only, based on play and tier level. These are used for rooms, food and events.

Q) What is the purpose of the “PIN” on my account?

A) PINs (Personal Identification Numbers) were implemented in 2014 first as a safety measure for identity theft against others redeeming your points, the ability to check points through the kiosks, and the ability to log in to your account using our mobile app to see what offers are available at any given moment. Even when miles away!