Local Express

  • Reservations are required by 2PM the day prior.
  • Please call 800.720.1788 to make reservations.
  • Local Express shuttles are subject to cancellation.
  • Guests with reservations will be notified of any schedule changes impacting their reservation.

Exclusive Rider Offers
Each Shuttle Rider receives:
• $10 in Downloadable Free Play
• $5 Restaurant Voucher
Must be Players Club member for offers. Must be 21+ for Free Play. May not be combined with Mondays Plus Free Play offer.
Players Club sign-up is free and can be completed upon arrival at the Casino

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Longview/Kelso Shuttle (Sunday through Thursday)





Park in spaces in back of lot towards the gas station.
3:00PM 11:00PM
Castle Rock
Burger King parking lot.
Do not block loading zone.
3:15PM 10:45PM
Exit 63
Shell Station parking lot.
3:30PM 10:30PM
Centralia Park & Ride
Exit 81 Chevron
Mellen St. Centralia.
4:00PM 10:00PM