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Italian Theme Dinner


You're invited to gather 'round our table in true Italian fashion.

Featuring an assortment of Italian dishes such as:
Made to Order Pasta: Choice of Pasta (Bow Tie, Fettuccini, Linguine...) Choice of Sauce (Creamy Alfredo, House-made Pesto, or Marinara) Tossed with your Choice of Fresh Ingredients (Baby Zucchini, Yellow Squash, Mushrooms, and Green and Red Bell Peppers...)
Other options you can count on will be unique CraftHouse Wood-Fired Pizza, Hand-carved Meat such as Italian Tri-tip, Garlic-seasoned Roast, or Rosemary-seasoned Pork, or Italian Pork Roulade. Our menu will also feature a variety of house-made bread options such as French Bread, Focaccia, Garlic Bread, or our Cheesy Italian Bread.

Join us in Fire Kitchen Buffet • 5PM - 9PM each Wednesday

Adults $19.95 (just $9.97 with points) | Guests age 50+ $16.95 (just $8.47 with points)

Menu items will vary. Please note: crab is not included on this special themed menu.