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American Theme Dinner


Whether you're a fan of diner foods, traditional dishes, or comfort foods our All-American menu is sure to please.

Featuring an assortment of American favorites such as: Pot Roast, Fried Chicken and Jo Jo’s, Burger Sliders, Oven Roasted Turkey, Apple Roasted Pork Loin, Beef Stew, Meatloaf and variety of Mini Pot Pies. Other options include Mac'n Cheese, Deep Fried Cod, and a variety of Fresh Fruits and Salads.

Join us in Fire Kitchen Buffet • 5PM - 9PM each Tuesday

Adults $19.95 (just $9.97 with points) | Guests age 50+ $16.95 (just $8.47 with points)

Menu items will vary. Please note: crab is not included on this special themed menu.